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5V power supply module / AMS1117-5.0 AMS1117-5.0V power supply module

5V power supply module / AMS1117-5.0 AMS1117-5.0V power supply module
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อัพเดทล่าสุด 28 พ.ย. 2559
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5V power supply module / AMS1117-5.0 AMS1117-5.0V power supply module

โมดูลเรกูเลต 5 โวลต์ ที่บอร์ด Arduino เลือกใช้  ไฟเข้า 6-12VDC จ่ายกระแสได้สูงสุด 800mA

As electronics enthusiasts , you are not 'll find a 5.0V power supply and tangled, is not the will to power is not enough to expand the number of interfaces and distress ? Such experience , I believe that people will engage in electronic design often encountered . To facilitate that we can find a safe high performance , ease of use , power regulator rich expansion interface module , shop designed in such a 5v power regulator module, which applies to single-chip design projects that require electronic equipment 5V supply . Meanwhile , some of the electrons can be designed to facilitate the expansion of power .

A description of the baby
1 Input : DC 6V - 12V ( input voltage must be higher than the output voltage to 1V or more. )
2 Output : 5.0V (+-0.05v error ), 800mA ( load current must not exceed 800ma)
Three pairs of panel design, layout nice ;
4 specially designed two pin mounting holes , can be directly fixed on hole board for extended experiments ;
5 input and output using 2P single row pin for easy connection ;
6 PCB board size : 2.5cm * 1.1cm
7 with power indicator light ( red )
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